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You can play our ClapHandies at Home everywhere (iOS, Android and all browsers) so you can watch it on your laptop, cast it to your TV, or bring it anywhere with you on your phone. You can even download our handy app so the videos are always just a tap away!

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How It Works 

After you sign up you'll get a new 'play pack' every week, packed with nursery rhymes, a new weekly PlayLab session and baby sign language videos. 

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Sample - Nursery Rhyme 

Learning together through nursery rhymes and action songs

Nursery rhymes are one of the core building blocks to language development, combining songs with actions advances cognitive and gross motor development. 

These individual rhyme videos are perfect for a quick burst of fun, it won't be long before your little one is following along with you. 

Sample - Sign Language

Learning Baby Sign language can help with communication 

Learning sign language is a fun activity which can aid communication. At around 11 months your baby will start to understand many everyday words, but will be unable to make the mouth shapes to speak them. Learning sign language together can be very helpful at this stage. 

Sample - Baby PlayLab 


Developmental play sessions

The PlayLabs are 30 minute long play sessions with a brand new theme every week.

 We have themes like language development, gross motor skills, a baby massage day, sensory play and many more...  

In the PlayLabs we look at how babies grow in their first year and ways we can use play to help them develop new skills. And how as parents we can enjoy and understand each developmental stage. 

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