Outdoor Summer term


We can't believe how lucky we have been with the weather, so lucky that we are now running the last few outdoor classes, in advance of our September term. 

Below is the list of venues that we are running additional classes 


We still have a few places available

Generally class times are Toddlers @ 9:45, Wobblers @ 10:45am and Babies @ 11:45am.

Each class runs for 45mins - the times will be listed on the bookings page 

Check Availability Here

Some FAQ's below


Term & pricing - We will be running a 7 week term and the price is €117. Twins or siblings attending get 50% off so €175 for two. 
How long is the class? - Each class is 45 minutes long. 
How many in each class? - 14 adults and 1 leader. Note - due to restrictions unfortunately only 1 adult is allowed per booking and all children attending must be booked in.
Will we cancel if it rains? - If we know 2 hours before your class that it's going to rain or there's a good chance it will rain, then we will cancel the class and text everyone (we'll devise a cunning plan to manage this!!). Cancelled classes will be added onto the end of the term. However, if the summer is a wash-out (it won't be!!) and more than 3 classes have to be cancelled due to weather (or due to further covid restrictions) we will have to transfer to zoom classes. 
What if it starts raining during class? - If it starts raining during class we will do our very best to "dance in the rain" provided it's only light rain (it'd be a pity to send little ones home if they'd just arrived) but if it's really bad we might have to stop boo! TBH we'll have to wait and see how it goes and the leaders will make a judgement call on the day. I can't imagine running a baby class in the rain but a little fun in the light summer rain with toddlers could be so lovely. 
What if you miss a class? - We are not in a position to offer make-up classes this term due to class size restrictions and... you know...virus. However we will give you access to Claphandies Club which has pre-recorded PlayLabs so you can run your own PlayLab at home. 
What do I need to bring? - You'll need to bring a picnic blanket to sit on. You'll  also need to bring a short story book to read each week (we can't share our books coz... virus), some weeks we are going to ask you to bring along a small easy to find prop (especially for babies) but we'll let you know what you need to bring before your class. 
What else? - We're bursting with excitement and there's probably lots more we should say but that's all we've got right now.
Any questions? - DM us on Instagram or Facebook or email [email protected]