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ClapHandies - was formed in 2006 and prior to lockdown in March 2019 we ran over 70 classes every week across Dublin and Wicklow and beyond. Since lockdown, Liza has been running live PlayLabs on Instagram and Facebook and out of that the idea for "ClapHandies Club" (former "ClapHandies at Home") was born. As they say, the show must go on! 

Liza Crotty - A little bit about me! I studied acting in Trinity College and had a wide-reaching career prior to starting ClapHandies with one venue back in 2007. Back then I gathered together a group of 60 families and child development experts and ran 3 months of workshops to develop what are now known as the PlayLabs. Claphandies weekly PlayLabs have had over 10,000 little graduates and fingers and toes crossed soon will be back to running in 26 venues across Dublin and beyond with 6 current leaders and many fabulous back-office heroes.


PS – word of mouth is the best marketing we could wish for, so go on tell a friend about us, thanks so much for your support


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