So what is

Claphandies at Home?


Claphandies at Home is a unique online resource filled with hours of follow along music and guided playtime videos for you and your little ones to enjoy at home.

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How does

Claphandies at Home work?


ClapHandies at Home is a monthly subscription service filled with follow along videos to encourage you to be more playful at home. 

When you join, each week you get a new "play pack", with rhymes and music videos, a new weekly PlayLab session, story-times and baby sign language videos. 

I hope you can come play with us. 

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Our mission is very simple.

We want to make your world more playful. Because play is how we learn and play is the fun part of parenting. 

Let's make your

world more playful! 

About ClapHandies

ClapHandies (led by Liza) have been running classes called PlayLabs throughout Dublin and beyond in over 25 venues for more than 15 years. 

Since lockdown Liza has been bringing her fun and energy into peoples homes via Instagram and Facebook Lives, weekly Zoom classes and now with ClapHandies at Home.

Claphandies at Home is for parents who want to make their world more playful. 

Parents love the inspiration and structure of the play videos and little ones love the special time playing together with their favourite playtime toy... That's YOU btw!  

Remember YOU are the best toy for your little one! 

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€10 per month

How old is your

little one? 

We have two clubs: one for babies (birth to 11months) and one for wobblers, toddlers and pre-schoolers. 

For babies under 11 months

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From 11 months to 4 years 

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 Claphandies at Home

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